As a school community, our mission is to provide each ASA student with an outstanding, innovative and individualized education that challenges and motivates each child to reach his/her personal best.  In order for students to experience the benefits of the ASA program, our goal must be for students to attend school all day, every day. Of course, circumstances may arise from time to time where students become ill or have other excusable reasons for not attending school. Below is an attendance guideline and procedures for calling in students should such an occurrence arise during the school year.

Students who are late arriving (tardy) to a class must obtain an admit slip from the front office prior to going to class. The front office administrator determines the status of late arriving students and will identify the tardy as excused or unexcused.

Definitions of Absences:

Excused Absences

Acceptable reasons for absence include but are not limited to:
1. Sickness
2. Dr. Appointments
3. Religious holidays
4. Funerals of family members and friends

Parents of students exceeding 9 absences may be asked to provide medical documentation to excuse the absences. (Minn. Stat. 120A.22.)

Unexcused Absences

An unexcused absence is one recorded and counted on a student’s record. Teachers will determine the nature of make-up work required due to the absence.

Unexcused absences are one of the following:
1. Any absence for which proper procedures are not followed
2. Truancy from class or school
3. Baby-sitting
4. Oversleeping or missing the bus

Attendance Line:

All absences should be phoned in by 10am by calling 763-444-0342. Please provide the following information when calling in an absence:
1. Name of child
2. Date and reason for absence
3. Grade or teacher’s name
4. Telephone number where you can be reached for verification if needed.

Guidelines Regarding Sick Children:

Please use these guidelines when determining when to keep your child home.

  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea in previous 24 hours.
Temperature of 100 degrees or higher (keep at home until fever free for 24 hours without
Any suspicious rash must be seen by a physician. Child may return to school only with a
medical doctor’s note deeming the rash to be non-contagious.

Illness that prevents a student from participating comfortably in classroom or program 

  • Pink Eye with discharge, may return after treatment
  • Strep Throat, until 24 hours after medication has been started.
  • Head lice, until morning after first treatment
  • Scabies, until after treatment completed.
  • Chicken Pox, may return after the sixth day of onset of rash or sooner if all sores are dried
and crusted.
  • Lethargy (lifelessness); irritability; or persistent crying, difficulty breathing or other signs of
severe illness.
  • Any communicable disease deemed by the Administration to require doctor approval to 
return to school.

Pre-Arranged Absence:

If a child will be absent or tardy due to medical appointments or other excused reasons please contact the front desk receptionist in advance if possible. If a child will be out for an extended absence exceeding one day (pre-arranged) it is in the best interest of the student for parents to contact teachers and inform them of the absence. This advanced notice will allow teachers to provide missing assignments in some cases or provide the student with instructions for completing work.