The school parking lot has one clearly marked entry point, and one exit. All traffic should enter and exit the parking lot accordingly and drop off all students at the front of the building in the designated drop off/pick up zone. All traffic must flow slowly and in a single file manner to ensure complete student safety. The buses will arrive at the school at approximately 7:55 am and 3:00 pm. As buses arrive in the morning, they will pull into the designated “student drop off / pick up area” and release students as directed by school staff.

At the end of the day, students will line up inside of the school with their teachers. When released to board buses, students will walk outside of the building and immediately board the appropriate bus, monitored by teachers and other staff. Students who are being picked up by a parent or guardian will line up on the sidewalk outside of the building accompanied by a teacher until a parent / guardian arrives and the teacher releases the student. Parents should stay in their vehicles and pull up to curb in the designated pick up/drop off area. Teachers will release students individually when they recognize the parent/guardian.

Students participating in the Enrichment Hour will need a parent/guardian to pick them up by 4:00 pm. The students will be accompanied by and released by teachers to parents at the front of the building.