The ASA curricular approach in science will be that of combining scientific inquiry-based framework with basic skills instruction using research tested curriculum. ASA teachers will adopt the FOSS (Full Option Science System) science program including proven Inquiry Based Science Kits.

FOSS science program is research based and integrates literacy and writing in all of the lessons. The hands-on science curriculum for elementary and middle-school will help students develop scientific skills such as observing, organizing, comparing and making arguments based on evidence.

ASA teachers, will use FOSS complete science kits, (which provide all of the needed materials), to ensure that students are receiving high quality scientific experiences in line with Foss curriculum and state academic science standards. Research evidence supporting the use of FOSS curriculum and scientific kits include studies showing dramatic improvements in science and mathematics learning (regardless of the assessment methods used), reduction or elimination of achievement gaps based on minority status and improvements in student reading and writing ability.

  • Active Learning that Develops Effective Teachers and Engaged
  • Science Learners

The FOSS program is correlated to human cognitive development. The activities are matched to the way students think at different times in their lives. The research that guides the FOSS developers indicates that humans proceed systematically through predictable, describable years, and that students learn science best from direct experiences in which they describe, sort, and organize observations about objects and organisms. Upper elementary students construct more advanced concepts by classifying, testing, experimenting, and determining cause and effect relationships among objects, organisms, and systems.

FOSS investigations are carefully crafted to guarantee that the cognitive demands placed on students are appropriate for their cognitive abilities. Developmental appropriateness and in-depth exposure to the subject matter with multiple experiences give FOSS its “horizontal curriculum” character (numerous activities that provide a great variety of experiences at a cognitive level) as opposed to a “vertical curriculum” design (activities that attempt to take students to inappropriately complex and abstract levels of understanding). A horizontal curriculum provides challenges for all students and results in a much deeper understanding of the subject.