Singapore Math is a research-based curriculum that aligns with core standards. Originally created by the Curriculum Planning & Development Division of the Singapore Ministry of Education, the Singapore program has now been implemented successfully in over 1500 schools in the U.S.

Teachers will supplement the math curriculum using Everyday Math and other resources in order to align instruction to Minnesota Academic Standards.

Singapore Math is a teaching method with a strong emphasis on problem solving and model drawing, with a focus on in-depth understanding of essential math skills.

Singapore math develops in-depth mathematical understanding through unique mental math strategies, problem solving methods, concept building activities and a strong focus on mastery.

Media Coverage of Singapore Math® programs

Over the past decade, the strengths of Singapore Math® curriculum have been attracting attention from schools, teachers, home educators, and parents. The news media has also taken notice. News companies including NPR and CNN, as well as newspapers such as the New York Times and August Chronicle have covered the success of Singapore Math® programs and individual schools using our materials. 
In April 2014, results from the 2012 PISA test placed Singapore students once more at the top of international rankings. In addition, Singapore was the nation with the highest percentage of top performers. The PISA, or Programme for International Student Assessment, is administered for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); the 2012 test was taken by 85,000 students around the globe.


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