Each Art and Science Academy classroom is designed to provide high levels of support to all students by providing regular small group and individualized instruction on a daily basis. Regular small group instruction is made possible by offering smaller class sizes, using a variety of approaches (differentiation) and a “daily 5” approach of allowing students to rotate in groups and engage in a variety of activities to learn a given topic.  We follow a data-driven instructional model using frequent assessment tools to evaluate how well students are learning and then to plan how to provide individualized instruction until each student masters each topic.

Other support structures and innovative design elements of the Art and Science Academy include:
• A variety of arts being offered every day
• A comprehensive and highly experiential or “hands on” FOSS science curriculum. We believe that science is a topic that must be experiential. Kids should be doing experiments on a regular basis and the FOSS curriculum includes all of the labs and experiments that accompany each topic learned.
• A comprehensive special education program.

Other benefits to students attending the Art and Science Academy include an enrichment hour for grades 2-8. Enrichment will take place between 3pm and 4pm and will include such topics and classes as; piano, dance, advanced art, karate, robotics and foreign languages.